If you are a photographer who is passionate about what you do, having a web photo album is one of the ways that you can use to make your work known. There are millions of people who access the internet daily, and the number gets bigger with each passing day. You should take advantage of this by putting your work out there in the form of a web photo album. You need to ensure that your collection has the following features if you want more people to view it.

Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of the population that uses the internet do so through mobile devices. This means that if you want people to find your photo album on the web, you should make the website that has it accessible on mobile devices. Ensure that the website supports different operating systems. Before you launch the site, try out different mobile devices for you to be sure that they are supported.

Fast Load Time

No matter how good your photos are, if it takes a long time for the photo album to load, you can be sure that nobody will stay on the site. Compress the photos so that your collection is not too massive. You should change the dimensions of the pictures so that they are easily accessible on the web. You should also choose a good web host who uses tools that speed up the load time that it takes for your photo album to be accessible.

Social Media Features

You should find ways of incorporating your social media handles to your web photo album. You may not be able to compress and fit all your good photos on the album, hence the need to redirect people to your social media platforms. Increasing your social media platform is also beneficial to your web traffic. The more people see your work on social media, the higher the chances that they will click on your website to see the photos you have, and your rates.

Easy Usability

As much as your photo album should be creative, you should not forget to make it user friendly. The people who are looking through the album should have an easy time navigating it. Do not introduce too many characters that end up confusing the web visitors. It should be clear how the photos are arranged so that the visitors have an easy time understanding the story that you are trying to convey on your photo album.

Good Quality Photos

Whether you are taking photos to showcase in your portfolio, or you have been contracted by customers to create a web photo album, the rule is that the images should be of good quality. Make sure that the subject is on focus, and the photos that are being displayed on the album are of good quality and taste. Remember that the quality of the images is what your potential customers will use to determine whether you are a professional and if they should trust and do business with you.

Proper Captions

If possible, have the photos in your album properly captioned. The captions can explain what is happening in the images. They tell the person who is viewing your work what the photos represent, making them appreciate what is in your photo album even more.